Just like the main work Boruto: Naruto the next generations brings the protagonists into conflict with fate. Raised and predestined as heirs, the young ninja of the Blattdorf try to free themselves from the will of their parents in every respect. However, Ino turns out to be a wonderful mother.

In episode 177 of Boruto: Naruto Ino will join the next generations Command of a sensory team placed at the entrance gate of Konoha to prevent access to spies. Just like her father, Kunoichi is revered by her companions for Clan Yamanaka's incredible ability with spiritual technique. However, she can be the last member of the family.

Inojin, son of Ino and Sai, is called to participate in the operation and tries to do so fight against his fate. The young genin has no mastery of the sensory abilities of the Yamanaka clan and prefers the illustration techniques inherited from his father in battle.

After Ino fails the tests on the chakra barrier, she realizes that her son is it is unable to join the unit. But when she sees her son completely unmotivated, she opens her heart and makes it clear that she is absolutely not angry. Kunoichi wants her son to focus on his strengths and not force his future to favor the Yamanaka clan.

His mother's words warm the heart of Inojin, who is temporarily straying from the path written in his fate. Ino has shown a kind of parenting that has not yet been seen in Boruto. At least in this area the ninja of the Yamanaka clan could do more than mediate Some lessons for Naruto, Sasuke and Sakurawhich repeatedly turned out to be utter disaster. In a Boruto viral clip, Sakura clashes with Jigen. In the final episode of Boruto, Inojin reveals his new technique.

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