Even after more than forty years since its birth, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise is still considered sacrosanct in Japan, and as evidence of this there are numerous themed locations scattered across the country. This fall, however, the Gundam Café in Tokyo is opening a special event that will delight all fans!

In these autumn months is the Gundam Café costume collection, an event that, according to a poll of fans of the franchise, brings the most popular characters to the venue.

The six protagonists from different iterations of the series to be chosen are Amuro Ray, Quattro Bajeena, Garma Zabi, Shiro Amada, Banagher Links, and Hathaway Noa. THE Full size carton of these characters will adorn and greet customers at Gundam Cafe in Tokyo.

Along with the heroes of the series, the venue gets some special additions to the menu. Until November 30, 2021, dishes and drinks that faithfully reproduce those shown in the anime series will be exclusively tasted. Similar events are also held at Gundam Café in Fukuoka and Odaiba.

Finally, we leave you to the collaboration between Gundam and Nike and the new anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.

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