Vegeta's character was acquired in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Super A particular relevance, especially thanks to the new technology learned on the planet Yardrat and a fan who is enthusiastic about both the work of Toriyama and the Pokemon brand, wanted to introduce a new companion for the Prince of Saiyans .

The Pokémon selected alongside Vegeta was one of the little monsters that accompanied us to discover the Sinnoh region, the backdrop to the fourth generation of video games developed by Satoshi Tajiri. It is the Water starter, Piplupwho has had a strong, decisive and also quite proud character since his first appearance, which is common with Vegeta.

In fact, it was exactly that Similarity sign to convince user @ chima_po001 to create the design that you will find where at the end of the news Vegeta and Piplup seem ready to go into battlewith a serious look and crossed arms, although the Prince of Saiyans seems embarrassed.

While Piplup doesn't appear in the Pokémon Exploration anime series and still remains one of the most iconic starters ever, Vegeta is in big trouble as we read in Chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super.

We also remember that a fan introduced Gohan as MHA's decoration and that the exclusive Dragon Ball characters were introduced at Comic Con.

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