After rediscovering their past through Baddack's flashback, Goku and Vegeta plunged into Gas with renewed zeal. Despite their superior numbers and strongest forms, the Heeters are still the strongest warriors in Universe 7. In the Dragon Ball Super 85 spoilers, it is Vegeta who continues the fight.

That Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super will arrive on MangaPlus on Monday June 20th, but as always, Toyotaro is delighting fans with the sketches of the first pages of the chapter. The discussion of gas continues in the published draft. However, Goku is completely locked out of the game: Cereal's fate appears to be entrusted to the Saiyan Prince.

Goku's ultra instinct doesn't seem suited for this fight. Defeating Gas will be Vegeta, or so the author seems to make us understand. On the pages shared by user @DBSHype on Twitter Vegeta taunts his opponent. Further damage will put Gas in big trouble.

Gas responds to this by repeatedly hitting the Saiyan, who is unable to do anything. However, as the Heeters prepare for one final blow, Vegeta Ultra Ego stands up hit even harder than before. Vegeta gets new fuel from wounds and fights.

Vegeta fights like a sadistic masochist with no regard for his own life and Goku seems very worried from this situation. Sure he can be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls, will the prince decide to sacrifice himself by taking gas with him to the underworld?

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