In this particular time, when publishers have taken over most of the open paper production due to the pandemic, Marvel Comics has organized a number of superhero publications, such as: Spider Man Captain America and others to present their days in the house.

The name of this nice editorial initiative is Heroes at homeand with the publication of a volume every Sunday he will accompany us until the end of August. The House of Ideas, which is made available free of charge today, the first edition of the series with Spider-Man.

Like all future stories, you can follow them on Marvel's social channels and at the end of the news you will find some pictures of Peter Parker doing homework. It's up to Wolverine next week and later to Captain Marvel. Captain America, Hulk and complete this series of mini-stories with the Avengers along with Black Panther.

The project was curated Screenwriter Zeb Wells and artist Guruhiru, famous for Avatar: The Last Airbender. In addition, the cover variants of the project will also be available for purchase from September.

Keep in mind that Spider-Man 2099 has shown a great figure and that we recommend 5 comics about Miles Morales for the new game for the PS5.

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Baking can be a pretty ... sticky situation. #HeroesAtHome (πŸ“: Zeb Wells, 🎨: Gurihiru)

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