As announced a few weeks ago and as we saw in the preview of episode 934 of ONE PIECE It was the Mugiwara swordsman Roronoa Zoro who, thanks to the clash with the assassin Kamazo and his incredible abilities, was the real protagonist.

In fact, we had gone in previous episodes Zoro in search of his third swordSuddenly he had to face the experienced Gyukimaru. As a result, however, the battle was interrupted by the arrival of two women, persecuted by the mysterious Kamazo or murderer of the Kidd pirates, who now became mercenaries in the service of the terrible shogun Orochi.

To protect Komurasaki and Toko, Zoro decides to face Kamazowho turns out to be a respectable opponent. Without his third sword, Zoro manages to take one of the opponent's two falcons and then him with one of his most devastating techniques, the Rengoku Onigiri, translated into Italian with Taglio dell'Orco del Purgatorio, with whom he immediately sends Kamazo to the carpet.

The scene in question was shared by user @D_Kumii in the post you can find at the bottom of the page. There you can also see the quality of the animations created by Toei Animation. Remember that Chapter 986 of ONE PIECE promises to be very moving and that Carrot was honored with a loyal cosplay.

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