Given the recent months, which have caused numerous interruptions and delays in the largest Japanese animation productions, we were all surprised by the announcement of the new series by Master Jun Maeda. The day I became a god, of which a long presentation trailer has finally been published.

With works like Charlotte and Angel Beats! Maeda, who has always been considered one of the main authors of Japanese animation, for his attention to detail, the quality of the products and, above all, the ability to do so Create emotionally engaging storieswhether anime or visual novel, a genre of video games that is much appreciated in Japan.

The author called it "the most moving anime ever" and made expectations of this project incredibly high. After the first announcement in May, we can finally see that first animated sequences through the 3-minute video that you can find at the end of the news and shared by @AnimeTherapy on Twitter

The rendering of the characters and animations seems to be of excellent quality, and as mentioned in the trailer, The Day I Became a God was born from the collaboration of three animation studios, Key, the founders of which are Maeda, ANIPLEX and PAWorks A new promotional video will be released in September.

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