Hyoga of the Swan is one of the protagonists of the manga and anime series Holy Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada and still ongoing today. Hyoga is a knight of Athena, one of the warriors who fight to protect the goddess and her sanctuary, wearing armor in the sign of the constellation of the swan, as his name suggests.

Hyoga's most famous armor of the swan is therefore the ice-white one, which also underscores the character's affinity for the cold, which he developed after years of training in Siberia with his master Camus. However, in Knights of the Zodiac there will be moments when the boy will give up these remains to carry some much stronger and more mythical ones.

What is the golden armor Hyoga wears in Knights of the Zodiac?? As with Seiya, he also has a very obvious reference that can be seen in various parts of the main series, in the movies, and in the newer sequels. During the Poseidon saga, fighting Thanatos and during the film Legend of the Scarlet Warriors, Hyoga becomes the Golden Saint of Aquariusand thus succeeds his master Camus.

So will the boy Hyoga of Aquarius, new golden knight of the eleventh house, and this is particularly confirmed in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, where it was the previous knight of this constellation, Mystoria di Aquarius, who presented this future to the Saint Seiya co-star. Essentially, his affinity for water and ice is further strengthened. Did you know about this power-up Crystal the Swan ne received? The Zodiac Knights?

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