Fire Force 2: The new story arc takes us back to the Nether

From the official Twitter account we get a first illustration of the next storyline that is told in the anime Firepower 2. Let's see it together.

That part of the Haijima industry history ended with the introduction of a new owner of Adolla Burst and his so-called guardian. Below we will soon be introduced to the saga ofInvestigative operation in the Nether. This will likely be the final narrative arc of the anime's second season, and will bring the work's protagonists back into the forbidden underground of the Tokyo Empire to explore the links between the evangelist and the Church of Saint Sol.

For this new mission, Company 8 will be the fire department together with the company 2. But unfortunately One element is missing from the group In fact, Maki will actually be forced to rejoin the army before the operation begins.

We can see this immediately on Fire Force's official Twitter account Key visual in relation to the new narrative arc that shows us the protagonists involved in the fight.

The second season of the anime, taken from the manga of the same name Atsushi Ohkubo, already known for Soul Eater, was produced by the studio in July 2020 David production. Fire Force recently made a splash with the amazing animations in Episode 9.

Are you following this anime? Are you waiting for the next story arc? Let us know in a comment. In the meantime, I leave you this article which presents us with a fantastic cosplay of Tamaki from Fire Force.

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