Frieza is one of the main antagonists of dragon ball. The Galactic Emperor decimated the planet Vegeta, almost completely annihilating the Saiyans, then decades later did the same on Namek, killing almost all Nameks and destroying their planet. Despite this, he died at the hands of one of the hated Saiyans.

That Enemy is back in Dragon Ball Super, but not only there, because meanwhile it also plays an important role elsewhere. Frieza's race comes up with another play in the famous spin-off Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which tells a completely different story from the main and canonical ones. In this universe, a character appears that is closely linked to the galactic emperor and that many fans of the brand will already know from a special episode released years ago.

In the latest installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, space-time has chosen to do so Bring Frieza's grandfather Chilled back to life. This character, who has only appeared once before, is now given more space and can try to conquer the universe together with his nephew, whom he seems to have met for the first time. Given the hatred for the Saiyans of both - we remember it was Chilled who warned his own species about their power after meeting Bardock - they will surely bond very well.

Furthermore, Chilled will finally be able to show what he's made of and if, like his offspring, he is endowed with excellent transformations. Also, did you know that according to a scientific theory, Frieza's lineage ruled the universe before the launch of Dragon Ball?

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