A monster princess for minors in this one-punch-man cosplay

There are so many characters specially created sexy, with a touch of breasts or a particularly wealthy physique, and that makes every fan turn their heads. But then there are those creatures that really reach their limits, and in One-Punch Man there is one. This is Thu-S Monster Princess.

Designed by Yusuke Murata from inspiration in the ONE webcomic, the character is a monster but looks like a very attractive blonde woman. And most importantly, she is almost naked because she only has a few patches of skin that cover the nerve areas of the body. Imitated BDSM costumes, we saw Monster Princess several times in cosplay.

Today we're bringing you another one that will make your heart beat faster. The Monster Princess Cosplay What you can see below was created by LadytheFoxx, completely flaunting itself. Long blonde hair, mask on her face and black rose in her hair as she stands ready with her whip to attack her opponents after they seduce her. It is definitely one One punch man who would make life difficult for so many male heroes.

Cauzifer also brought a Do-S cosplay on Instagram and received a lot of likes.

Monster Princess Posted by Lady the Foxx on Saturday February 22nd, 2020

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