The protagonists of Chainsaw Man go in search of the most feared devil. In order to get to the Pistol Devil, however, some of his body fragments must first be recovered. So here it is The Fourth Public Security Division eventually encounters another devil.

That sixth episode of the Chainsaw Man anime picks up where viewers left off. The team led by Aki is at a motel looking for a fragment of the Devil's Gun. However, Himeno, Denji, Power, Kobeni and Arai soon realize they are trapped. The devil hunters were locked up on the eighth floor. Before you find out what happened, here is the Chainsaw Man 1x05 review.

With no way out, the hunters face a difficult decision. A reluctant devil offers a deal: Denji's life in exchange for freedom. So if one of the members of the Fourth Division killed Denji, the devil would be forced to keep his word and free everyone else. Kobeni decides to grab the ball but is stopped by Aki and Himeno who have no intention of giving up Denji's power.

After several hours, while the situation is still deadlocked, Kobeni and Arai completely lose their minds. In a frontal attack on Denji, the two eventually stab Aki. Healed by Power the Blood Majin, the team leader reiterates that he is unwilling to kill Denji, the only one who can help him kill the Devil Gun. At this point however Denji decides to join the fight and set out to attack the devil of eternity.

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