Narita, already known for Durarara!!, and Fujimoto have started the release Dead mount death game with Square Enix in October 2017. While Seine is still being released, the adventures of Polka Shinoyama are getting the transposition anime.

The November 15 announcement is accompanied by the King Amusement Creative teaser trailer, seen above in the news, as well as the poster, seen below. The promotional video shows the main characters under a dark, gothic, mature and epic veil. noThere's not a lot of action and ecchi frames missing.

Finally, the cast of voice actors: Yuki Sakakihara will be Polka Shinoyama, Inori Minasi as Misaki Sakimiya and Yuma Uchida as Takumi Kuruya. Manabu Ono (Saki, Sakura Wars the Animation) is the director and co-writer of Dead Mount Death Play, which also stars Yukie Sugiwara (Overlord, The Vampire Dies in No Time) and Yoriko Tomita (My Dress-Up Darling). Ono has also collaborated on some of Kirito's anime adventures. The title is explored in our review of Sword Art Online Alicization.

The new anime by the animation studio GEEK TOYS will be released in April 2023. Will it live up to expectations? Nakano's studio is known for the Punderer anime on Netflix. Violent but still easier than dead mount death play.

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