The manga series started in May 2020 The shadow over InnsmouthHP Lovecraft, dedicated to the adaptation of one of the most troubling stories from the master of cosmic horror, HP Lovecraft, ends on March 12 with the release of the April volume of Monthly Comic Beam magazine, edited by Kadokawa and dedicated exclusively to this is the subject of his works.

Signing this adaptation was the famous author Gou Tanabehow it happened for The Color Coming from Space and the Mountains of Madness, which managed to get through the dark and oppressive atmosphere of the Providence Solitaire's works an extremely detailed styleThey play with chiaroscuro and perfectly represent the terrible creatures that permeate the world of dreams and the scenes of the unfortunate protagonists.

In particular, it is about the story of the Shadow of Innsmouth, also known in Italy as The Mask of Innsmouth A student who decides to explore the oldest parts of New England. Located in Innsmout, an imaginary village on the Massachusetts coast, the protagonist interacts with people who talk about dangerous Creatures from the depths of the oceanand witnesses to shocking events, all in an eerie atmosphere typical of Lovecraftian stories.

Recall that the story peaked last December, and we'll leave you to our review of the manga adaptation of Cthulhu's Reputation.

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