Among the many characters in the series Demon Hunter The Nine Pillars, also known as Hashira, are undoubtedly the best and most skillful demon slayers in the universe, created by Koyoharu Gotoge and which the community has always shown particular interest in, especially after the Infinity Train movie was released.

Thanks to the film dedicated to the narrative arc of the Infinity Train, one of the pillars in particular gained enormous popularity. It's obviously about Kyojuro Rengoku, pillar of flamewho, in the final scenes, was the protagonist of one of the most spectacular and memorable battles in the entire series, against the third crescent, Akaza.

The intensity of the fight was perfectly portrayed thanks to the extraordinary work of Hero Belief Studio that created the statue that you can see in the post given below. The figure, which will be available in before the end of 2021, is 60cm tall two versions at a price of 630 and 670 eurosshows the two opponents who face each other with their best techniques, namely the Ninth Kata: Rengoku for the Hashira, manifests as a giant fiery dragon and Akaza's destructive death: annihilation type.

Recall that Demon Slayer met Jojo in an extravagant crossover that featured Tanjiro with the style of Araki, and we leave you to a brilliant, inexpensive cosplay dedicated to Inosuke.

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