Though they are repeatedly underestimated in the second volume of the series, both Gotham City criminals and executioners trying to thwart the power of the new armed force known as the Magistrates Future state: Harley QuinnThe former partner of the Joker has shown that she is a skilled and dangerous strategist.

The last volume ended with the capture of Harley by magistrates. Instead of being locked up or isolated in a cell, the protagonist found herself facing a seemingly changed Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow, who appears to have become a different person and is ready to help the police. Unfortunately for Crane, he says Take advantage of Harley's relationships with many of Gotham's criminalsIn order to capture them, Quinn has repeatedly proven himself capable of analyzing and manipulating the other villains.

When Crane comes up to her and offers her a job as a magistrate advisor, Harley has already found a way to escape alone. The only way out is to get rid of the soldiers who are following Crane everywhere. Plant the idea He can only hope to recognize Black Mask as a scarecrow and stop itCrane tries to escape the soldiers and breaks current magistrate law.

Then in one go Harley managed to get rid of the surveillance of Jonathan and magistratestaking advantage of their abilities and the fact that everyone tends to underestimate it without expecting such strategies. By the time the guards notice their escape, Harley will already be far away, ready to manipulate and defeat anyone with her unique style.

Recall that DC Comics announced a new wave of Milestone titles, and we let you discover the details regarding the big change that Shazam has to offer.

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