Continue publishing Sword Art Online Progressive, Reki Kawahara's series of light novels that delve deeper into the events told in Aincrad's narrative arc. Let's see the cover of the new volume together.

The restart of Sword art online brings readers back to the VRMMORPG, where numerous gamers are trapped, as reported in the first two volumes of the original work. Thanks to the new story, it is possible to further study the protagonists and the events during the two years that the characters climbed Floor by floor the imposing flying castle of Akihiko Kayaba.

Among the important revelations that can be read in Sword Art Online Progressive are the causes that led Kirito to fall in love with Asuna. Now the story of the two swordsmen continues with a new seventh volume that is scheduled to be released that day March 10, 2021.

Through the tweet posted at the end of this news, we can see the cover of the new issue on which we are in the foreground Asuna and behind argon, the information provider and the well-known protagonist of the series.

Also, keep in mind that the reboot will get one soon animated customization, through which we will have the opportunity to follow the story of Aincrad from the point of view of the deputy commander of the Knights of Blood and that the synchronization phase of Sword Art Online Progressive is already over.

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