Videl with braids is a fan favorite, at least according to some polls done on Twitter. However, it's a shame Akira Toriyama decided to show her so little with this hairstyle Dragon Ball Z. Not bad, as several cosplayers have thought about reproducing it in the long hair version.

A few weeks ago we presented the Videl from Moneecastro, while this time the realization of Allyssooonnnn is arriving. The pretty famous cosplayer posted a photo with her Videl cosplay with long hairwhich then went viral enough to jump into every corner and group of the network and ended in the tweet we show you at the bottom of the news.

Allyssooonnnn's pose is reminiscent of a well-known Videl fan art, which after a workout partially lifts her white T-shirt to wipe away the sweat, although this latter component is missing here. However, this enables one I shoot with a slightly sexier Videlwhich, however, is faithfully reproduced in the hairstyle, in the clothing and in the various details from the gloves to the brooch with the school of Satan City's logo.

Unfortunately we didn't see it that way Dragon Ball ZWould you have preferred if Toriyama continued with this version of Gohan's future girlfriend?

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