Ash is World Champion, a message that has brought both old and new fans of the brand together internationally. You are still missed three final episodes of Pokémon: Explorations before finding out who will be the series' new head coach going forward.

The episodes are the number 133, already detailed in the synopsis of Pokémon: Exports 133, 134 and 135. And it is precisely for the penultimate of them that new official information is arriving. These come from a tweet from AnipokeFandom, a well-known profile that specializes in news and curiosities related to the Pokémon franchise.

The tweet corresponds to two "slides" present at the bottom of the messages. One of the two is a screenshot of Goh and his companions exiting the vehicle, in which the characters appear disoriented. In fact, after the team arrives on the island in 133, the troubles begin, which will be continued in the next episode of Pokémon: Explorations, so exactly the 134 that will be released on December 2nd. The name of the episode is Seize the Future! and this is his summary: "The poachers, who have split into two groups due to the difficulties on the island, are in danger!".

What will happen in the new episodes of Pokémon: Explorations? We still don't know what type of hazard the synopsis refers to. The last episode, 135, is called up Pokemon! I'm glad to have met you!. In the meantime, we invite you to read the touching words of Ash's historical voice actress.

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