Written on the official site for the anime adaptation of the light novels by Kyō Shirodaira and illustrated by Chasiba Katase, Kyōko Suiri (in/ghost) a new promotional video for the second season of the project was released. The video shows a snippet of the opening theme titled “Yotogibanashi“ and performed by KanoeFrogand confirm the premiere date is planned for January 8, 2023 in Japan.

Kyō Shirodaira began publishing light novels with illustrations by Hiro Kiyohara 2011 by the editorial seal Kodansha novelslater switched to the label Kodansha taigawhere he started using the illustrations of Chasiba Katase. The first season, twelve episodes, aired on the season of Winter 2020 (January-March)distributed by crispy roll in the West.

production team

  • keiji gotou (Choujikuu Robo Meguru, Kiddy Grade, Sengoku Collection) returns to take charge of the study The base of the brain.
  • Noboru Takagi (C: The Money of the Soul and Possibility Control, Durarara, Golden Kamuy, Sankarea) returns to take over writing and overseeing the scripts.
  • Kentaro Matsumoto (D-Frag!, Grimms notates the animation) is responsible for character design and animation direction.
Kyōko Suiri

Kyokou Suiri summary

Hidden from view, spirits known as youkai inhabit the world. Though most are benign, a subgroup threatens the tenuous peace between youkai and humanity. Ever since Kotoko Iwanaga agreed to become their "God of Wisdom," she has served as an intermediary between the two realms, solving any supernatural problems that come her way. At a local hospital, Kotoko approaches Kurou Sakuragawa, a college student whose long-term relationship ended in an unfortunate breakup. Kotoko harbors feelings for him and suspects that something supernatural lurks in his harmless appearance, so she enlists Kurou's help in helping the youkai.

Two years later, news of an idol accidentally crushed to death by steel beams floods the press. Months later, however, sightings begin to tell of a faceless woman wielding a steel beam. As with any supernatural problem, Kotoko and her partner set out to stop this spirit from wreaking havoc, but this case may turn out to be a lot darker and more personal than they might have thought.

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