On a new Twitter account for the studio's original anime series Gainax, Fushigi no Umi no NadiaIt has been announced that the franchise will make an important announcement next week.

On April 13, the series celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of its first broadcast in Japan. The piece premiered on April 13, 1990 and was produced by studios Gainax, Headed by Hideaki anno and scripts from Hayao Miyazaki (although the latter is not counted in the series), 39 episodes in total. An 87-minute animated film was subsequently released in Japanese cinemas in June 1991 with the same production team.

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia Synopsis

In 1889 the world is at the height of great technological discoveries. In the hands of mankind for the future, a sinister enemy named Gargoyle, obsessed with restoring the ancient empire of Atlantis, begins his plans for world domination. Nadia must fight with the help of a young inventor named Jean Roque Lartigue and Captain Nemo of the submarine Nautilus to save the world from the threat of Gargoyle and New Atlantis.

Source: Official Twitter account

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