One of the strongest creatures in the universe was for a long time freezer. As a member of a unique mutant race, he was by far the strongest representative of his lineage, having taken command of his father King Cold's army at a young age. In Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super we really know him with different returns.

but Exactly how old is Freezer in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super?? Let's analyze all the data and information that became known about the emperor of the galaxy who has kept the Saiyans in check for several years.

Freeza has been considered a child prodigy since he was born. Unfortunately, Akira Toriyama never gave an exact year, so we don't know exactly when Freeza was born. But we know that in 731 Freezer annexed the Saiyansto include them in his army. The following year, 732, King Cold announced to King Vegeta that Freezer would take control of the army and become its leader.

When you consider that the little prodigy of the mutant race was just a kid when he took control of the galactic empire back then Freezer was around 10 or 15 years old during the Saiyan annexationprovided that this race's physical maturation proceeds in the same human way. This would mean that the galactic ruler's date of birth would be between 715 and 720.

The Freeza saga on Namek takes place in 762, with a Freezer between the ages of 42 and 47. His death will come two years later from Trunks, so he dies at the age of 44 or 49. From that moment on, his physical age ceases until he returns with the events of the film Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F' in 779, but where he died again. He will return to the Tournament of Power in 780, during which he will also gain a new resurrection. During the current Granolah saga in Dragon Ball Super then Freeza should be between 45 and 50 years old.

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