Kadokawa has surprisingly announced the release of a new one Special with a romantic background with Eren and Mikasa, published in the July issue of Da Vinci, Japan. The relevant spin-off is called Eren x Mikasa love comedy collection and should contain the best moments between the two protagonists as well as some unedited scenes.

At the moment the only official part is the titleas the Japanese publisher has only announced that the collection will be part of a series of specials featured in the new issue of the magazine, including an interview with the anime's voice actors and staff, a guide on the characters and the plot , two unpublished works of art, an interview with the editor, and a collection of Mikasa and Levi's best phrases

The name of this romcom as it was defined by the fans, suggests it's just a collection of the best scenes with Eren and Mikasabut usually similar specials come with extra cartoons and some fan service. So expect more than just a collage. Alternatively, it could actually be a full spin-off or a side story, but in which case it would have been more likely to be a one-shot on its own or an addition to volume 34 of Attack of the Giants. We will have the answer on June 5th, 2021, the launch day of the next edition of Da Vinci.

We remind you that The Attack of the Giants ended on April 9th ​​and that the second and final part of the fourth season of the anime will be released next winter. We are waiting for more details on these specials announced by Kadokawa, and please refer to our review of The Attack of the Giants manga.

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