Midoriya's journey radically changed her character. The happy little boy, with a smile on his face and always ready to help his friends, has disappeared to give way to a dark and lonely version. The author of My hero academy reveals a dark secret about Dark Deku.

Though his classmates try to save him in every way, Midoriya of the past may be gone forever. The heir to All Might has in fact completely isolated himself from everyone and refuses any help, including that of his mentor and old friends.

With the weight of the entire heroic society behind him and knowing that he is the only one who has the hope of beating All For One, Deku embarked on a lonely mission, a task that he is gradually becomingShadow of himself.

With the release of Volume 31 of the manga, this change was officially recognized, nicknamed Dark Deku. Besides this name, it hides more. On the extra pages of My Hero Academia Vol. 31 Kohei Horikoshi revealed that the Dark Deku costume covered with blood, mud, dirt and ashes.

As a result, Midoriya not only has one more healthy meal, but also does not take the time to take a bath or wash her uniform, which is now caked with deposits continuous struggles in which it participates.

Will the Class 1-A would-be heroes be able to save him? We leave you to the teaser of Volume 32 of the manga and the release date and hypotheses of Chapter 322 of My Hero Academia.

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