A press release announced that the award-winning manga was written and illustrated by Uoto, Chi: Chikyuu no undou or tsuite (About the movement of the earth), will have an anime adaptation produced by Studios crazy house. The press release did not reveal a planned release date, but included a message from the author, who wrote:

  • «I am very happy. I remember going to a friend's house in Nakano a few years ago and stopping by Madhouse every week. Back then I never dreamed that my manga would be animated there. I am deeply moved and am already looking forward to it».
Chi: Chikyuu no undou or tsuite

Uoto began publishing the manga through the magazine Big weird ghosts from the publisher Shogakukan in September 2020 and finished it in April 2022 with a total of eight anthologies published. The work won the coveted Grand Prize at the twenty-sixth edition of the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prizewhich took place in Japan in 2022.

Summary for Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite

The setting is 15th-century Europe. It is a time when heretical ideas are burned at the stake. The protagonist Raphau, a child prodigy, has to specialize in theology, the most important subject at the time, at the university, where he wants to skip his studies. But one day, a mysterious man appears at Raphaus' door, studying a certain "truth" amidst heretical thinking.

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