Shueisha's Jump Festa is a moment where the publisher leaves plenty of room for its own manga and related projects. Mostly it's anime, but sometimes there are also special illustrations and statements. Only one of them will be involved Dragon Ball greatwho will be back around this time.

The manga will enter a new saga, the previous one closed in August, but this time the protagonists will be Goten and Trunks. More information about the saga surrounding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could arrive, but there will be those too Reveal of an official illustration. What will it be about?

Last year Toyotaro revealed the official colors of Vegeta Ultra Ego during Jump Festa and this year the same could happen. Given the situation, it's possible that this time the author will focus on disclosure Black Freezer color palettethe evil galactic emperor who demonstrated this new transformation a few months ago and ended the saga of the cerelean survivor with a bang.

Alternatively, there is a possibility that this illustration focuses precisely on Goten and Trunks, who are now adults. Which of the two alternatives would you prefer? Or will a new character appear, perhaps the enemy of the next Dragon Ball Super arc?

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