The Gear Second appeared a while back in ONE PIECEand quickly became one of Monkey D. Luffy's most well-known fighting techniques. But a lot of water has gone under the bridge, especially considering the character's latest developments in the manga and anime. Luffy has empowered himself and because of this he has started to exploit other offensive abilities.

After improving the circulatory and skeletal systems, the character has evolved their equipment as shown in Dressrosa and created the Muscle Ball. Luffy's Gear Fourth has long been the pinnacle of its power, with the boy being able to mutate it depending on the situation. Against Doflamingo, the Protagonist of ONE PIECE used the Gear Fourth - Boundman versionmaking him a man with a very bloated torso and a continuous bounce.

This version of the captain in the straw hat has become a statuette. As seen in the photos shared by Hamajippa, Luffy uses Gear Fourth with his well-loaded fists to hit opponents with a machine gun of unprecedented power. 30 centimeters tall, this one Luffy character in Gear Fourth he will take all the brute force of the captain with him.

Do you want it on your shelf? Maybe along with one of his newest opponents, this Katakuri figure.

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