Tite Kubo now has a few days to go back to Weekly Shonen Jump with a more or less regular serialization Burn the witch. The new manga from the author of Bleach will only have 4 chapters and confirm the "mini series" of the comic. But how will the Sensei manage to create a short story in a few numbers?

As the past leaks expected, Burn the Witch will debut on August 24th or a week from now, although we can probably get to know the contents of the first release via the usual spoilers. In any event, the manga's short format has cast some doubts about the story Kubo Sensei intends to tell, particularly for a narrative issue.

Therefore, it is very likely that the author will choose one longer length for each chapterThis significantly increases the 18 canonical tables that Jump provides for a weekly episode of one of the magazine's manga. The insiders already had the opportunity to find out the duration of the first two chapters, 57 or 34 pagesThis underscores the increasing trend for the short manga. This would also help the same mangaka tweak the short amount of time to make a satisfying story worthy of its author's name.

And you, what do you expect from Burn the Witch instead? The space reserved for comments is entirely at your disposal.

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