Black Clover from Yuki Tabata recently Breaking the wall of fifteen million copies in circulation, printed in 28 volumes from February 16, 2015 to the present day. The sales numbers are less impressive compared to those of Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia, but overall it's still a huge hit.

After a busy start, probably due to a not-too-original premise, Black Clover managed to carve out a good chunk of the audience, which then expanded with the anime's debut. The Studio Pierrot series gave the manga a huge boost, which rose from 7 million copies in circulation in January 2019 to the 15 million copies announced a few moments ago. A total of 7 million copies were therefore printed in the first four years of serialization, and even 8 in the last two.

Black Clover's growth is remarkable, even if it doesn't compare to what has been recorded by many other great Shonen Jump series that are much younger. In addition, the manga has not yet established itself in the westbecause, according to Shueisha, 12 million copies were only distributed in Japanese territory.

The Black Clover anime series ended on March 30th, and the first Tabata-inspired anime film is due to be released soon. We are waiting for new information about the feature film and will leave you at the key visual main auction.

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