Kohei Horikoshi never posed any problems introducing the bad guys My hero academia as characters with completely negative and toxic values ​​and ideologies. An example is certainly Shigaraki, who in the last chapter expressed his deep hatred of the Hero Society with words that contain truth and pain.

After we were hit hard by Endeavor, in the first tablets of chapter 281 we see Shigaraki stand up and pronounce this monologue: "You heroes pretend to be the keepers of society. For generations you have pretended not to see people Who you couldn't help and you swept away. Remove their pain and keep it hidden. Everything you have created is corrupt. And that means your system is rotted from within and worms are coming from all sides. And it will getting worse over time. "

Shigaraki then explained that the only thing that really interests him is the destruction of the system that disappointed him years ago. While the villain's actions have always been reprehensible and horrific, readers can now better understand the suffering and trauma Shigaraki experienced and his subsequent decisions.

Recall that shortly after that momentous speech, Shigaraki killed an important character, and we leave you to the beautiful cover of Volume 28 of My Hero Academia.

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