Since the Dragon Ball Super anime has been stopped for too long, he’s thinking about keeping the animated scene associated with Toriyama’s work active Super Dragon Ball Heroes, non-canonical series based on the video game of the same name. Soon the commercial anime will return to amaze fans with an exciting new story arc.

As you can see in the tweet at the end of the article, the new one is Key visual from Super Dragon Ball Heroes throws a veil of light on the next animated saga. Indeed, in the advertising poster published by the user DBS Chronicles, it is possible to admire some of the characters who will be the focus of the next few episodes.

In addition to Goku and Vegeta, this story arc will bring back some of the gods franchise’s best antagonistslike Cell, Freeza and Broly. The latter in particular caught the attention of fans. What we will see in the promotional anime won’t be the Broly from the last movie, but the bad one from the Dragon Ball Z movie. And he will return angrier and more powerful than before.

Accordingly, the “New Space-Time Arc War” will debut in Marchor shortly after the arrival of chapter seven of the manga from Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, serialized by Shueisha. Before this saga can begin, fans will have to wait for a new world to be born in the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Apparently, the evil Saiyan is also about to return in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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