It took Eiichiro Oda many chapters to lay the groundwork for a real war in the Land of Wa, starting with Reverie to get to the alliance between Kaido and Big Mom, and after the events of the previous chapter, the clashes were finally expected to be more important we get to the conclusion of this arc of ONE PIECE .

Kaido introduced all the residents of Onigashima i new plans for the future of the islandReceived a partially negative answer. Although the two emperors now have an impressive number of men as subordinates, they have to face just as many rebels who want to free Wano from their tyranny.

In the last published chapter, 988, we saw Sanji, along with a raid suit, take action to save little Momonosuke from the crucifix he was bound to. Given that, it wasn't an easy mission The Mugiwara chef was immediately impressed by King, one of the three commanders of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

King exchanges lines a few lines before the fight and hits the cook hard. The two are in a building that is isolated from the other battles. Sanji absolutely mustn't underestimate his opponent given the physical strength and devil fruit he possesses, but this fight could be a path Finally see the real Gambanera in action, after the events of Whole Cake Island.

Recall that Nami came to life in a great cosplay and that Zoro became a great character.

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