In the writing of a novel we speak of point of view or focus when the scene told takes place through the eyes and senses of a specific character. It is a way of telling that has always existed, a way that has recently taken hold among the artistic works that fans are creating on their favorite souls.

Almost like the arrival of a fashion, in recent times we have seen social media inundated with illustrations in which the scene was shown in first person. Some time ago we showed you, for example, the death of Trunks seen with his own eyes, or the fight between the androids and Gohan observed from the point of view of C-18. We have mentioned only two, but in reality, if you regularly follow the articles you will not have missed the phenomenon of "fan art drawn in first person".

Well, continuing on this artistic and thought line, the Twitter artist ruto830 has decided to represent a piece of combat between Broly is Goku, observed by the eyes of our protagonist. As you can see from the illustration at the bottom of the article, thanks to this immersive perspective we can feel inside the scene, almost as if the Legendary Super Saiyan is going to hit us.

We can observe everything Broly's blind fury down to the smallest detail, from furious expression to white eyes. You can also see Goku's arm reacting to the opponent's attack.

What do you think of drawing and do you like the fashion of fan art illustrated in the first person? Leave a comment below.

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