Black Clover: the author expresses his condolences for the loss of a relative

The manga of Black Clover similarly to My Hero Academia, it has become a strong and constant presence in the economy of Shueisha's magazine. It certainly does not grind the crazy numbers of titles like ONE PIECE or Demon Slayer, but slowly it has managed to build a solid fan base of fans.

Unfortunately, Yuki Tabata isn't having a particularly happy time. Often the messages shared by the mangaka accompanying the chapters have an enthusiastic streak, but in the last weekly note Tabata wanted to share a completely personal circumstance:

"This is a personal matter, but my father-in-law has passed away. I was so grateful to him for the support he had shown over the years for the Black Clover manga."

In recent months, fans of the manga have noticed some difficulty, by the author, in the publication of the manga. Not much does the same Tabata said he suffered from sudden fainting spells, apparently not justified by any reason, although he suspected that the cause was low blood pressure.

Shortly afterwards the artist apologized for publishing a chapter with fewer pages than the magazine's standards, with fans who flocked to social networks asking the author to take a break so as to restore their health conditions.

All crazy for Noelle: fans are appreciating more and more the heroine of Black Clover. Did you know that Black Clover is the most watched anime in Europe during the winter period?

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