There ONE PIECE anime series is just one step away from solving some of the key battles in the Wano saga. Putting the fights between Sanji and Queen and those between Law, Kidd and Big Mom aside for a moment, the focus shifts to the fight between Zoro and King.

In ONE PIECE 1058, the fiery demon Kazenbo created by the Kurozumi clan causes panic inside Onigashima Castle, outside the Dome There is no way Zoro can find the key to win the fight against King. However, in ONE PIECE 1057, Zoro made a promise to Sanji and he absolutely cannot lose.

If even the The Swordsman's best techniques cannot harm Kaido's minions, Zoro must surrender to the opponent's punches instead. The former bounty hunter is knocked out, but the sound of a shamisen awakens Enma, who begins stealing Haki from Zoro.

Zoro doesn't seem to be able to keep up with King's weird techniques, but in ONE PIECE 1059 his disadvantageous situation could be reversed. the angry one Enma continues to steal Haki from him, and with Onigashima ablaze, he is unable to escape the fight. Will his dream of becoming the best swordsman in the world be shattered or will he be able to solve King's secret? Episode 1059 of ONE PIECE is titled "Zoro's Adversity! A monster! King of Wild Fire!” and will be forwarded April 23, 2023 Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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