A possible Shenmue 4, the sequel so coveted by many fans, has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. Someone could tune in temporarilyShenmue animea project announced last year with episodes made available on Crunchyroll in February 2022.

However, this project also seems to have stalled. If it was confirmed after its initial airing on Crunchyroll that Shenmue The Animation would be returning for a second season, things have now completely changed. First of all, the anime will be removed from several streaming services - although Crunchyroll doesn't seem to be on the list for now, so the platform will keep the anime - and most importantly that Shenmue Season 2 has been canceled.

So the anime based on Yu Suzuki's video game of the same name came to a bad end. The other animes canceled by Adult Swim besides Shenmue are Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Fena: Pirate Princess, Lazor Wulf and Tigtone. Meanwhile, Jason DeMarco has personally confirmed the cancellation of Shenmue season 2 via Social.

DeMarco's tweet, available below, confirms this the employees were ready to throw themselves into the projectalso given the good results of the first season.

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