Although its birth dates back to 1984 Dragon ball is one of the most visited works in the world to this day, and over the years the universe Akira Toriyama created has expanded in non-canonical ways thanks in part to sequels and spin-offs, as seen in the commercial Super Dragon Ball Heroeswhere Vegeta seems to have a new shape.

As expected a few days ago, the pride of the Saiyan prince could have led him to a new transformation, and the creators of the advertising anime themselves confirmed this possibility by releasing the key visual that you can find in the post at the bottom of the page, approximately The next big challenge the two Saiyans will be involved in Protagonists.

The image in question shows the new main antagonist or the revived Black Goku hit in the Dragon Ball Super series while in the foreground is Goku with the indistinguishable design of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta, who despite his transformation into Super Saiyan Blue has a partially black aura. No name has been given in relation to this new form that the prince has adopted, but based on what is known so far, it appears that it is the intense confrontation with Turlesand with Cumber too, Vegeta himself somehow corroded, albeit in a seemingly different way than in the Z series, in which the Saiyan consciously decided to be possessed by the magician Babidi.

What do you think of this new transformation from Vegeta? Let us know in the comments. We also recall that Fu's elaborate plan appears to have modeled the planet Vegeta as well.

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