IS A year has passed since the arrival of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in Japanese cinemas. The film about young heroes made by Kohei Horikoshi has proven to be just as successful as its predecessor, Two Heroes. Unfortunately, Dynit's constant relocations to Italy due to coronavirus have not yet allowed us to watch the film.

But in Japan, they don't stop and everything seems to be pointing to a third My Hero Academia movie. In fact, a new domain was recently registered for My Hero Academia, which is still in the shadows. The first speculations may be confirmed during Jump Festa 2020 in a month's time, but in the meantime, the official reports from My Hero Academia - both those of the anime and manga and those of the film -. They did everything they could to annoy the fans.

All three reports published a message in English at the same time which, when composing it, brings out the words "He will meet the three musketeers" or "He will meet the three musketeers". But along with this news, some posters have also leaked which then together read the script in English overlaid on Bakugo, Izuku and Todoroki. You can see this below alleged poster of the third My Hero Academia film.

If the assumptions of a third feature film were correct One for All and All for One would likely be at the center of the film because the motto of the three musketeers is "All for one, one for all". But who will be the "he" who will meet them?

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