In Naruto, rival Sasuke Uchiha was hit by Orochimaru's cursed mark. The Uchiha knew the prospect of this power and decided to take a different path in relation to the protagonist, which then led to the events we know well. In the sequel Boruto: Naruto the next generationsOn the other hand, the protagonist receives a brand.

A path similar to that of Boruto and Sasuke, in some ways. The two are very similar and it is no coincidence that Uchiha took the rival's son under his wing. But what would have happened if karma had also existed in Naruto? and if Sasuke has it? The answer is fan art brought to Reddit in the past few days that has received various positive votes.

Fan Two-Bodybuilder6839 publishes the fan art available below in the Naruto SubReddit with two variations, where the boys Sasuke Uchiha shows the signs of karma instead of Orochimaru's cursed heavenly sign. What changes is the mark printed under the left eye and the shape of the markings that spread to the arms and hand.

The nature of the two techniques is actually very similar, with Boruto's manga dealing with karma and everything related to it. In the meantime, a Sasuke Uchiha statuette of the second level with the cursed mark was made available.

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