In light of recent events, Nami has decided not to run away. The navigator tensed her muscles at the end of ONE PIECE 1012 Temporarily silence Ulti. But how does the story continue?

When Sanji tries to figure out how to cook an aggressive shark, he becomes Chapter 1013 of ONE PIECE entitled "Anarchy in the BM", a title that was determined directly in English by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda. Ulti met Tama and was then struck by Nami's lightning bolt, who warns Usopp that he doesn't want to escape. While the sniper is holding the child in his arms, Nami triggers a tornado attack, but Ulti avoids him and grabs the opponent by the arms. However, a devastating beam shot from Big Mama's souls stabs Ulti, who goes to the mat.

Nami was then released, but she and Usopp have to flee from Big Mom who wants to kill her. After finding Tama, the empress goes on a search while Zeus is captured and eaten by Hera. The attack with Napoleon will kill the Straw Hat pirates, however The child's intervention with a Gibson Punk knocks Big Mom to the ground and save them. The scene changes on the occasion of the last two pages, and a Kaido desperately wants to get excited. He's sorry for throwing Luffy off the island without taking his head, which will give his group more hope.

The A PIECE of the protagonist has passed out and falls towards the sea. Is it over for him?

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