After the short leap in time, the first enemy Deku faced was one of Tomura Shigaraki's old supporters. Despite expectations, no information has yet been obtained about the supervillain, and it is for this reason that Deku wanders around keeping in touch with the top heroes of My hero academia.

The Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia It's called "Sicario" and begins with a retrospective in which a discussion takes place between Hawks and Deku. The hero warns the young man about that Presence of a certain character among the refugees from Tartarus. While the latter may not have thoughts on Deku, she is a really hard criminal to beat. A heroine and former Hawks colleague, Lady Nagant showed skills that made her stand out from other snipers in the country like Snipe.

Deku decides to run away from her after confirming her presence thanks to the fibers that make up each ball. The woman, who is able to create bullets with her hair and control them up to a radius of three kilometers, shoots again at the protagonist, who has to block the shots with the Danger Sense. Instead of walking away as was decided at Hawks, he realizes that The only way to worry her is to approach her.

Lady Nagant realizes that Deku is coming and takes Overhaul on her shoulders. She remembers the moment when she was released from All for One and made a pact with him. On the final page, the sniper reveals that she received another quirk from the super villain Air Walk that allows her to soar around the area. It will be difficult for the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

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