One-Punch Man's superheroes have been taking a huge risk for a while now. Since the saga began, the world's strongest men and women have hit their teeth and we've seen them for the past several years battle creatures known as squads.

In the final chapters of One-Punch Man, Tatsumaki is as exhausted as many heroes after the defeat of Orochi and Psykos. But the cadres are still alive and have continued the attack and got the other heroes in trouble. It required the intervention of Bang and Genos, who became active again in One-Punch Man 145. But not before Leave space for Superalloy Darkshine, the muscular hero who comes at the last minute to save Iai. With his physique and his attacks he knocks out the evil natural water.

Atomic Samurai arrives just in time to save Bang and Genos. The sword master takes care of some of the monsters of Black Sperm. The latter, however, has enough body to attack Bang, who must leave Tatsumaki Genos to defend her. The psychic heroine recovers and tries to stop the enemy, but the enemy is further doubled, burdening the psychological block. But also a super attack from Superalloy Darkshine has arrived in this area. pulverizes the bodies of Black Sperm.

The living monster is preparing for a new attack with the Completion of One-Punch Man 145.

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