In 2021 the franchise Pokémon is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary and to celebrate this very important milestone many goodies are being released for fans. In collaboration with Levi's, a clothing line was launched that was waiting for news in animation and video games.

Thanks to this new collection, the work of cosplayers is made much easier. In fact, the clothing company paid tribute to Misty by doing his iconic clothesnamely the high-waisted denim shorts and the yellow top with red suspenders. As you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the article, there is a logo at the top that is reminiscent of a Psyduck, one of the most important pocket monsters for the trainer.

Obviously, this dress isn't the only one that came out of the collaboration. The rest of the Pokémon x Levi's collection This includes t-shirts, jackets, jeans and themed bags. The clothing will pay tribute to the most iconic creatures, including the inevitable Pikachu, the brand's mascot. If you too want to celebrate the 25th anniversary in style, you can buy one of the dresses from this exclusive official line, the launch of which is scheduled for February 15th. The capture of a legendary has sparked controversy among Pokémon fans. That event could change everything in Pokémon Exploration, however.

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