Japanese idol group Nogizaka46 recently released a single "Boku wa Boku no Suki ni Naru" along with their music video. The video was created from a collaboration between the creator of Get your hands off Eizouken! and the monofilm animation studio.

Sumito Owara was responsible for the original script, storyboard and illustrationsafter creating an incredibly successful piece of work that blew up sales of the manga. The video appears to be of a girl from the Airbike Club and her great passion has to deal with an injury, engaging in school and club activities, and completely isolating herself in the process.

Owara commented on the story with the words ""I made up this story in which, thanks to the help of friends, the protagonist manages to go back to the time when she was really enjoying herself."Owara continues"The hardest part was meeting the deadline. We were very tight on the timing so we used an editing program to create a V-Con and add photos to the song. I thought this was a good idea because we were able to take photos so intuitively and it was easier to share with the team. Luckily I went to the film club and I'm a very active kid too, so I can get away with video editing.""

In addition to Owara's participation Chiai Kanno was recognized as the animation director in the video description. Owara thanked Kanno and the rest of the staff in a tweet saying: "Animation director Chiai Kanno and the rest of the staff were so good they brought me to my knees."Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru" marks Nogizaka46's 26th single, released on January 27, 2021.

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