In the past few years we've seen the explosion of The Witcher franchise, penned by Andrzej Sapkwoswki, but which has transformed over time into video games, live-action TV series, and even anime. Based on the stories adapted by CD Projekt, we recently witnessed the creation of Netflix.

The streaming giant will also be giving its subscribers the anime film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, which is coming this year and in which we'll see that again World of Geralt of Rivia even if in a different way. The brand's popularity is therefore huge and there is no need to be confused if there is great variety in cosplay as well.

These disguises, which are now the order of the day, have brought us many brilliant creations, like the cosplay of Triss Merigold by Mira Ladovira. And still today we focus on the Maribor sorceress, but this time played by the Russian model Win Winry. Brown suit, white shirt, green and red coat, black pants: the nice cosplay from Triss Merigold What you see below follows in every way the details of the sorceress we have now gotten to know well. What do you think about this The Witcher Cosplay?

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