The Future State event spawned a new status quo in the DC Comics universe, at the expense of Gotham City, now terrified by the evil magistrate and its dangerous army of pacekeeper robots. But with two Batgirls around Future state: The next Batman The city could see the light again soon.

Even though Gotham lives in terror and the vigilante group is now almost exterminated, there is still a pocket of resistance trying to do so fight against the rule of the magistrate. In this group we find the two Batgirls who replaced Barbara Gordon in the Future State: The Next Batman. But in the second volume in the series, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown went on a dangerous mission.

Cassandra, convinced that Batman has been held back by enemy forces, goes to the incognito Detention center of the Magistrate, a secret place that looks like a cross between Arkham and Blackgate. But instead of Batman, she finds Stephanie, her ex-girlfriend, who has turned her back on the resistance.

However, after a fight between the two, it turns out that Stephanie, just like Cassandra, is actually one on an undercover mission. When the duo begin a prison riot, the Batgirls discover that Oracle, also known as Barbara Gordon, is in the facility's catacombs. To save them, however, Steph and Cass must face the magistrate's robots and the prison's internal security forces. A mission that could end her career. We discover the new form of a member of the bat family in Future State: The Next Batman.

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