Learning while having fun is every student’s desire during their school career. After all, how many times have we imagined learning languages ​​while watching our favorite animated series? Apparently an enthusiast of Naruto He achieved this by documenting everything with a video published online.

The Naruto animated series has been dubbed and subtitled around the world, but no version will ever exceed the emphasis of the original. With this in mind, a Naruto fan has learned the Japanese language I’m just looking at the anime based on the work of Masashi Kishimoto.

This insane feat was documented by a video posted on YouTube. User Xiaomanyc decided to test himself watch for ten hours in a row the entire first season of the Naruto animated series with the original dub.

“ORDay I decided to try to learn Japanese by watching Naruto Season 1 in Japanese in just one day, 10 consecutive hours, with no English subtitles“he said in the video. “The idea is, how much Japanese can I learn by completely immersing myself in Japanese, by withdrawing from the English language? I would learn like a kid.”

“I know there is a lot of debate about the possibility of learning Japanese by watching anime, and in this video we’re going to find out if it’s possible. It’s a crazy experiment that I don’t expect to succeed, but I think the results will be interesting “.

At the end of the 10 hours, Xiaomanyc has This learning method is not recommended to people who have no previous experience with the language. Conversely, it can be helpful to watch an anime in the original dub if you are a beginner or an advanced player. Naruto becomes Jonin in this fan art. Let’s watch how Naruto is drawn in the style of nine anime.

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