There is an exact moment when each of us fell in love with the Toriyama franchise. For some it coincides with the beginning of Little Goku's adventures, for others with the battle with Vegeta, but the scene that dedicated the work in Mount Olympus is the first transformation to Super Saiyan during the Freeza saga of Dragon Ball Z.

The exact moment that Goku is in transformed into Super Saiyan has been repurposed into an epic collector's statue at the KDC studio. Angry at the death of his best friend Krillin and all the evils caused by Freeza's malice, the protagonist ended the fight against the tyrant by performing the dreaded transformation from the golden hair.

This figure reveals remarkable details, from the injuries to the body and face during combat, to the protagonist's torn clothing, combat suit fabric, and muscles. At the foot of the statue, Goku he is full of anger on the hills and stormy seas of the planet Namek.

The treasured collector's item that is already available for pre-order is available in two versions. In the first, Goku is still wearing the blue undersuit and clenches his right fist to hit Freeza, while the second sees him naked with arms outstretched and arms outstretched to his sides. The price for the statue is 740 euros, but to bring home the EX version, which includes both busts, the cost increases to 840 euros. What do you think of this character and what memories does it bring you as a dowry? Speaking of the space tyrant, let's count how many people Freeza killed in Dragon Ball Z. Let's find out how many members of the Ginyu squad are actually in Dragon Ball Z.

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