The Chapter 299 of My Hero Academia The focus is on the figure of the Hawks, who, in addition to the numerous injuries suffered, emerged from the war against the Supernatural Liberation Front and whose reputation was completely destroyed. But the winged hero does not want to lose heart and is already thinking about his next step.

The My Hero Academia Manga has finally explored the hero's dark past Number two through a flashback that revealed important truths about her family. As Dabi said earlier, Hawks' mother was a criminal who had repeatedly committed numerous thefts. At the same time, the Pro Hero is still facing a long healing path after the severe burns caused by the fiery quirk of the villain. Nevertheless, Hawks does not lose heart and looks to his future.

During a conversation with Best Jeanist explaining his apparent death on My Hero Academia, Hawks reveals that is what he wants to focus solely onhelp the Todoroki family and his childhood hero Endeavor. Apparently, the hero doesn't care what Dabi said about Enji Todoroki's past, he just cares about the aspirations of the present.

It's still unclear what Hawks is up to, but it's clear that his next goal will be to help Shoto, Enji, and the entire Todoroki family with it Free yourself from Toya's mind and from the media chaos that has been created around them. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia 299 has uncovered a traitor.

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