Tatsuki Fujimoto quickly became one of the most prolific and respected authors of the new generation of mangaka, and the extraordinary success achieved with the series chainsaw man led him to make a sequel to Denji's adventures as a devil hunter and high school student and introduce the character of Asa Mitaka.

THE first six chapters of the second part of Chainsaw Man have changed the life of the girl who was killed by her companions for accidentally crushing Bucky, a devil with the appearance of a headless chicken. Asa escapes death thanks to the intervention of a bird, with whom he makes a pact and becomes a war devil. Now, Asa, try to live a normal lifeMaking friends in high school and joining the devil hunters school club as the creature's manifestation attempts to turn her into a cold killer, prompting her to kill her own friends.

In Chapter 103, Fujimoto returned to tell the story from Denji's point of view, but before reading on, fans will have to wait for a new break. Shueisha actually confirmed that Chapter 104 will be released on September 13, 2022 on the MangaPlus platform, so the bi-weekly frequency has already occurred for the previous ones.

Finally, we remember this and leave you with a double cosplay of Asa and the war devil.

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